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INTEGRITY, EXPERIENCE, DILIGENCE – Our credentials speak for themselves!

“Her attention to detail, ability to understand a complex legal issue and provide a suitable solution thereto timeously and cost effectively, gives me the utmost confidence in her ability as an extremely competent intellectual property law attorney.”
Grant Nelson, Senior Corporate Counsel, Anglo Operations Limited

Natural waters“I have had the privilege of drawing upon the professional guidance and direction of Rina from the technology and IP development phase of our company. Without question, her grasp of the intricacies of a substantially challenging technology, and the familiarity with the processes to best position our applications for successful adjudication, have consolidated the quality of our relationship with her. Her professionalism, integrity and support for the initiatives that we have pursued with her continue to reinforce the reliance that the company both affords and expects from the relationship, and I am assured that I can look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association going forward.”
Dr Robin Kirkpatrick, Technical Director, Radical Waters IP (Pty) Limited

"I first met Rina when she was engaged to provide legal advice for Anglo Gold Ashanti. We were very impressed with the advice she gave and also the level of her technical expertise. She provided a solution that gave us peace of mind in view of the fact that the matter was commercially sensitive. She is available at short notice and is a very pleasant person to work with. Rina is an excellent lawyer and our technical team is of the same view and values input from her.”
Jabulile Mophuting, Legal Counsel, Anglo Gold Ashanti

Megchem“Regarding patents and trade marks I have found Rina’s competence to be outstanding. She has provided clear leadership to us in terms of the best strategies to ensure that the intellectual property of our developments is protected, using the most effective instruments. Rina is very helpful, is someone with integrity and is passionate about her profession.”
Dr Roelf Mostert, Group Leader, Chief Engineer, Materials and Forensic Engineering, Megchem Engineering and Drafting Services (Pty) Limited

“Throughout our dealings with Rina we have found her to be an approachable and skilled attorney with an impeccable character. Rina has constantly proved her technical competence in her field of expertise when dealing with highly technical issues relating to Evraz Highveld’s core business. She is always readily available and her systematic approach in dealing with intricate legal matters instils a great sense of confidence. Rina treats all levels of Evraz Highveld employees with dignity and respect and she is well liked and respected.”
Cathie Lewis, Company Secretary and Investor Relations, Evraz Highveld Steel and Vanadium Limited

Electrotherm“I have been involved with rail welding technologies for the past 25 years. After our first meeting with Rina it became clear that this person in her field and her understanding of the new process in the metallurgical context was beyond expectation. I was awarded courteous assistance in all of our meetings. I was very fortunate being able to meet Rina and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking patent advice. Her willingness to assist together with her pleasant disposition is very much appreciated.”
Donald Macrae, Managing Director, Electro-Aluminothermic (Pty) Limited

“As a multinational, we have access to both legal and patent attorneys at a global level. Despite this, we chose to work specifically with Rina. The reasons for this decision were due to our complete trust in Rina’s ability, professionalism, sense of urgency and understanding of our specific and often complicated business requirements. Our business requires that we proceed with decisions as quickly as possible without having to spend time explaining the intricacies of the technologies that we use. In order to be able to achieve this with the confidence that we are protecting our products, while following and adhering to the relevant legal procedures and requirements, necessitates that we work with people who have an in depth understanding of our business, and again we have been fully satisfied and impressed with Rina’s ability in this regard. In addition, she has continued to keep us abreast of any new published information either directly impacting our business, or from areas that may be of interest to us in the future, which is very useful. Possibly one of Rina’s greatest attributes, however, is not in her knowledge of patents and the legal environment in which she functions, which we certainly recognize, but is her ability to explain it to people like myself who are not experts in this area.”
Austen Cohen, International Product Manager, Microbiology, Roche Molecular Systems, USA

Edge2Edge"I am privileged to work with a person of the calibre of Rina. Her manner and presentation is impeccable and her capability to grasp a situation presented and her technical knowledge is exceptional. Her input into our business has been very valuable. In business today, it is imperative to deal with credible, professional and trustworthy individuals. Rina fits the bill. I have full confidence in her ability to introduce the former Heads of State and Government of Africa to her for various services.”
Jan Louw, Chief Operating Officer, Edge-to-Edge Global Investments Limited

“During my interactions with Rina she showed a high level of technical competence and ability to understand our complex technology. She was very proactive in her dealing with all our patents, illustrated the legal issues pertaining to the processes and steps to be followed, and ensured that a high level of attention to detail was kept to minimize expenses. She exceeded our expectations, was very competent and often went the extra mile. I can trust Rina in all matters pertaining to our patents and also ask her opinion and views on other matters, which she has always answered confidently or, if she did not know the answers, took the trouble to find out and came back with the relevant answers quickly, always providing a solution. Whenever we requested Rina’s availability to engage in discussions she was always available and made the time to see us. Due to her proactive nature, technical skills, transparency and informative manner in which she transfers knowledge to us as the customer, our organization will continue to utilize her as a guide and also partner to process current and new patents. It is my opinion that Rina is always very polite, friendly and available, even after hours, and because of her integrity, our organization will continue to have a long standing relationship with her.”
Danie Dutton, Products Manager, Exco Member, Vanchem Vanadium Products

Ridu Creations“In February 2009 I was listening to a program on the radio station RSG when I heard Rina speak on how to register a patent. The friendly manner in which she spoke immediately caught my attention. From the first time we started working together I can only speak of Rina with the greatest respect. She handled my design applications in a very proficient manner and went out of her way on numerous occasions to assist me. Because of her competence my product is on the market and is achieving great heights. I recommend Rina as an excellent patent lawyer.”
Rienie du Preez, Business Owner, Ridu Creations CC

“I have known Rina since early 1999 when she first dealt with my patent application. Apart from Rina’s ability to be very clinical and specific to details, she has an extraordinary ability to project finesse and exceptional intelligent dignity in her way of handling difficult technical and business related matters. She formulates questions to point specifics in an extremely sensible way to solve technical details to the application details in front of her. Her elucidation and sound knowledge of the technical essentials of the law, the possible interpretations and the aptitude to apply those possibilities to the core of the technical implications, as well as her wisdom to foresee possible infringements of other applications and patents, was a fresh, but also a hard-hitting experience. She is in my personal opinion a class act and an exceptional lawyer.”
Pierre van Niekerk, Business Owner, Tingo Agri CC

Oil Separation Solutions“OSS has been dealing with Rina since 2004. What we have valued in our dealings with her is the fact that she demonstrated the ability to listen and understand our requirements, dealt with all issues in a professional manner and rendered the correct advice in a manner that is understandable to a non-legally trained individual. We are happy to say that in all our dealings with Rina when have found her communication feedback and manner in which the work was done to be professional and with utmost commitment from her side. We appreciate our relationship with her.”
Leonard Bianchina, Executive Chairman, Oil Separation Solutions (Pty) Ltd

“I want to place on record our sincere thanks and appreciation for the excellent manner in which Mrs Rina Gunter has rendered her professional services to our company. Her positive attitude and hardworking attributes are deeply appreciated by us. We personally commend her for her patience in understanding our technology and in the excellent manner in which she has drafted our patent applications and the invaluable advice given. She is a polite, kind and understanding person to work with as well as an invaluable asset to any company.”
Chris Nair, Business Owner, Nairsons Food Products

Nulandis“During our company’s dealings with Rina we have found her to be very competent, always giving attention to detail. She has on all counts looked at the most cost effective manner when handling matters for Plaaskem. Rina has always instilled a great deal of confidence in us and has always provided a very professional service. She has always acted with integrity, dignity and has always conducted herself in a very professional manner.“
Hugo Minnaar, Managing Director, Nulandis, A member of the AECI Group

Candelas“Our company was recently drawn into a litigious matter in connection with alleged unlawful competition and passing-off of third party intellectual property rights.  We were referred to Gunter Attorneys as IP specialists.  With the help of Gunter Attorneys the matter was settled by means of correspondence only, without having to drag the matter through the High Court.  With Rina’s assistance and guidance we not only managed to secure our own intellectual property rights, but also to commercialise our existing assets for an optimal period of time.  The marketing and sales of “Tipu Candelas” had a lot of growth because of good litigation and our brand is stronger because of the advice that was given by Rina and her team.  The matter was dealt with professionally and because of this, legal costs were affordable and kept at a minimum.  Rina and her firm definitely walks the extra mile!”
Leandra de Bruin, Director, Tipuworx (Pty) Limited t/a Candelas

I first heard Rina Gunter in a radio interview about IP law in South Africa.  At the time I was in the process of setting up my companies with assistance from another law firm.  Her interview left me speechless.  I was struggling to get cooperation and feedback from the attorney I had been dealing with and I decided to contact Gunter Attorneys for advice.  This was the best decision I made on the path of establishing my business.  Rina and her team dealt with the registration of my companies in such a professional manner that I am entrusting them to protect all my business branding and legal interests.  Gunter Attorneys continuously provided me with feedback and excellent legal advice to help me make thought-through business decisions, always acting with integrity and experience.  In dealing with Gunter Attorneys I know that my business matters are in good hands.  I thank them for the ongoing support – I am certain that my businesses are well-looked after.
Deon Westraat, Director, QuintoProp (Pty) Limited

F1Steel“We first met Rina in 2000, at which time she was employed with DM Kisch Inc, when she handled our first patent for pallets.  From inception she was always very professional, and pro-actively explained the requirements, risks and costs associated with patents, both locally and internationally.  It was clear that she had a wide knowledge of different patent systems.  Rina has since then been filing all our patent applications.  With each new project she provides professional step-by-step explanations of all legal proceedings.  Her knowledge of intellectual property rights is of the highest standard and any questions posed are comfortably answered.  Her standards and ethics are of extremely high quality and she has the best interests at heart when it comes to her clients.  Not only is she a perfectionist in all aspects, but expects it of her staff as well.  Pure professionalism from the time you walk into the door to completion of a project.”
Donald Rowe, Business Owner, F1 Steel Cutting and Bending (Pty) Limited

“Rina Gunter recently assisted me in brokering product development and knowledge transfer agreements with a start-up company established in Cape Town, South Africa.  Rina applied the highest levels of insight, diligence and professionalism to the task, which always left me feeling very confident and reassured during what was a complex negotiation. She has extensive experience in dealing with the legalities of knowledge transfer, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending her firm, Gunter Attorneys, to any persons or entity seeking such services. Thanks so much Rina!"
Alexio Capovilla, Biochemist, USA

AtlasPlasticsDuring the past two years Rina Gunter has assisted us with some industrial design projects.  We believe that she is a leader in her field.  Rina has a wealth of knowledge regarding intellectual property law and we are extremely confident in the advice she provides.  She is a true professional and we intend referring all our intellectual property law requirements to her in the future.”
Gary Bolt, Managing Director, Atlas Plastics (Pty) Limited

“I would like to congratulate Gunter Attorneys on the very knowledgeable advice and excellent service provided to us during the process of filing our patent applications in South Africa and abroad.  Our product is very unique and based on natural essential oils (all harvested in South Africa) to repel rats and mice from enclosed areas without killing them. It is eco-friendly and has no negative impact on the environment.  We have been very impressed by and deeply appreciate the guidance that we received from Gunter Attorneys during the development and protection phases of our product and associated intellectual property rights, as well as the skill and professionalism that they have shown in protecting our unique and sometimes complex technology.”
Wilma van Rensburg, Business Owner, Rat-O-Repel

Institute of Inventors and Innovators“Rina was invited to join the South African Institute of Inventors and Innovators as an expert panelist in an advisory capacity in 2012.  The Institute has since then been privileged to draw upon her regular guidance and expertise in advising our clients on the best way of protecting their intellectual property assets, a service which she renders to us free of charge, in her spare time, and for the love and passion of assisting start-up technology entities establish their IP rights.  She is a highly professional and skilled patent attorney with an outstanding knowledge of intellectual property law.  We are very impressed by her analytical thinking and attention to detail.  She is a very friendly person to work with, has a high level of integrity, and is above all else passionate about the IP field and how to best position clients’ IP assets for successful commercialization.  We value her input immensely and look forward to a long and trusting relationship with Rina as she seeks to assist our inventors introduced to her going forward.”
Gordon Johnstone, Trustee and Treasurer, South African Institute of Inventors and Innovators

“Being first time applicants of international patents can be a daunting prospect. Thankfully for us, the process has been smooth sailing from the day we began working with Rina Gunter almost 3 years ago. Knowing that our business’ IP is in such safe hands has allowed us to focus our time on our core competencies of design, innovation, and commercialization.  Gunter Attorneys are a truly professional team who exceed our expectations 100% of the time and we are not only impressed by, but also deeply grateful for, a highly competent and skilled team of IP attorneys.”
Lyle Krause & John Morley, Business Owners, 1 Clevr Design (Pty) Limited

Iron Man“Rina recently assisted us with a number of trade mark registrations.  It has been a pleasure working with her and her colleagues.  I have found them to be highly professional, accessible, friendly, responsive and enthusiastic.  They over-deliver in terms of feedback and educating the client on what they can expect regarding the brief.  Compared to similar firms that I have worked with in the past, their turnaround time is very impressive.  Attention to detail also leaves one in no doubt that you are being looked after.  I would not hesitate to recommend Gunter Attorneys to any of my business associates.”
Nick van Graan, Director, ITC Import & Commodities Trading

“The service from Gunter Attorneys is exceptional.  Rina Gunter is a highly qualified expert in the IP field.  The team is friendly, patient, extremely willing to assist and skillfully guides an applicant from start to finish in a very professional, punctual and diligent manner.  It is a pleasure to work with persons who practice with such integrity, skill and professionalism and to know that one is truly in safe hands.”
Peter Broadhurst, Director, Betastax (Pty) Limited

Atterbury MotorsWe approached Gunter Attorneys during a difficult time when we were faced with potential litigation against another company who had more resources than ourselves for legal battles.  Luckily we were introduced to Gunter Attorneys.  Thanks to their strategic legal advice and in-depth expertise in the field of trade mark law, we were able not only to protect our own name and logo’s, but also managed to sign a co-existing agreement with the other company.  Gunter Attorneys also managed to negotiate the operating terms for which we hoped for and to secure our freedom to rebrand in future within specific boundaries.  Gunter Attorneys has helped us tremendously throughout the whole process.  Most of all we sincerely appreciate that they managed to resolve the dispute in an amicable manner, thus avoiding huge legal expenses in court, which could have drained us financially and emotionally.  We will strongly recommend to each and every person seeking advice on the protection and/or enforcement of intellectual property rights, to contact Gunter Attorneys.  Even if you are uncertain, call them.  They are very friendly and approachable and will provide the most cost effective guidance on protection of your brand.  Rina’s firm deserves to be recognised as THE patent and trade mark attorneys in the country!  Their effective service, professional advice and friendly manner we will never forget.
Lurika Schubert, Owner and Dealer Principal, Atterbury Motors CC

Atterbury Motors CC recently recommended to Webuycars.co.za that we make use of the IP services offered by Gunter Attorneys.  Atterbury Motors were hugely impressed with the highly competent service that they had received from Gunter Attorneys.  Webuycars.co.za urgently needed to register trade names, logos, and other intellectual property rights and therefore approached Gunter Attorneys.  It has been long since I experienced such professionalism and dedication.  We were always treated in the most friendly and accommodating manner.  Gunter Attorneys are fast and efficient, they are to the point, they achieve results, they communicate frequently, and are highly effective all round.  I WEBUYCARScan't recommend their services strongly enough.
Dirk van der Walt, Director and Co-owner, Micra Motors CC

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