Member States

  1. Botswana
  2. Gambia
  3. Ghana
  4. Kenya
  5. Lesotho
  6. Liberia
  7. Malawi
  8. Mozambique
  9. Namibia
  10. Rwanda
  11. Sierra Leone
  12. Sudan
  13. Swaziland
  14. Tanzania
  15. Uganda
  16. Zambia
  17. Zimbabwe
  18. (Somalia is also a member of ARIPO but cannot be designated at this time)

Member states in which protection is required must be selected at the time of filing an ARIPO application.  No additional member states can be added after the filing date, although selected member states can be abandoned after the filing date.

Renewal fees are paid according to the number of selected member states.

No post-grant validation procedure

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